Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Red Red Rose

I took several photos of my neighbors roses a few weeks ago and Wow! what colors I got. I was hoping to go back over and take more but I have not had the chance. The sun that day was mostly hiding behind the clouds. Just as I saw this red rose a bit of sunlight beamed down on this red beauty in just the right way. The camera captured some amazing colors that day. Partly cloudy and beams of light on just the right perfect roses.

Today I drew this rose as an ATC, which you can see on my main Philosopher Artist blog. I could not capture the colors in the drawing as the camera did, but the drawing turned out almost as fantastic as the original. Not quite the same but good in its own media. I love to draw as well as doing photography and it is even more special when I can create one from the other. Now I will have to draw the other roses in the other photos I took. Have a fun and creative day!

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