Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Glory

Welcome to my new blog which is my online nature journal where I can share my love of nature. My plan is to use my artistic skills in various mediums to capture that beauty that is found in nature. In the past couple of years pain has kept me from being outside or at least traveling to other areas of my beautiful state. This year I am changing that and no matter how much pain I am in I will go exploring. I hope that you will return to see my work.

Easter Sunday:

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. The weather here in Utah held out and gave us a bright and sort of warm Easter Sunday. Winter feels so long that many of us hunger for the warm weather and the birth of Spring.

My tulips are not blooming yet as you can see in these two photos. A lot of green but very little blooming color. Soon they will bloom and then I will grab my camera and or my drawing material and run out to capture their beauty. It has been so long since they last bloom that I can barely remember what color they are. I believe that there are white, yellow and red tulips. It will be just like Christmas when one waits for that exciting moment when the gifts are open and the surprise can be celebrated.

My husband bought me a bouquet of tulips so that I could feel Spring. Of course, I had to take pictures of these pretty orange/red and yellow flowers.
I used my Canon Rebel XTi and forgot to write down the settings. Oh, well maybe next time. I do miss using 35mm and my 120 film cameras. Another activity to do this summer is to dust my other pretty cameras off and use them to capture more beauty.

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