Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Tulips are in Bloom

Finally, the tulips have bloomed in my yard. At least in the backyard they have, the front yard tulips will be open soon. I have not ever taken photos of them so this year I am. It may be the last year that I get to see them because we may have to sell our house before it goes completely into foreclosure. It is a sad thing, because I love this house and I do not want to move. I will enjoy my home as long as I can and deal with what comes.
My favorite tulip so far is the yellow with red variety. Red is my color of choice but I love how it is up against the yellow. It is so bright and cheery, they put a smile on my face.
I have been doing an art project on the computer using my tulip photos from last year turning them into kaleidoscopes. The colors and shapes are so fascinating. I cannot wait to turn these lovely shots into more kaleidoscopes. (You can see some of my kaleidoscopes on my Philosopher Artist blog: http://thephilosopherartist.blogspot.com/ ) Perhaps the tulips in the front are different colors so that I can have even more crazy kaleidoscope photos. We shall see, I hope you all enjoy these spring beauties.

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