Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring has Sprung

We finally have spring and it is most welcome by humans and other creatures. This is a pinecone that my son put peanut butter and bird seeds on for the birds to eat during the long winter. It seems to be missing a lot of seeds so it did work and now that it is spring the birds can find a lot of other food to eat.
I saw that the flowers had bloomed on the cherry tree yesterday morning but I wanted to wait until the afternoon to take pictures. However, the sun decided to hide behind the clouds making the lighting on the blooms spotty. I like the effect the light did on these blooms. My tulips are just about to bloom. The only problem is that the weather for about a week may not be so nice as far as taking photos. I will hope that the tulips stay long enough for me to have a chance to take their picture. For now I hope you enjoy these beautiful little white flowers.

Chickie is my Blue Fronted Amazon who likes to be outside on the porch with me, honestly she likes to be with me 24/7;-) She also likes having her photo taken.

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  1. These are really great photos, Rhonda. My absolute favourite of them all is the one of Chickie. He's beautiful!

    Happy Spring!